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Round Four: Harold Lance

Reply to Bob Pickle

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Due to the abrogation of the confidentiality agreement by Harold Lance, the following communication is provided for your perusal.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Harold Lance
To:  Bob
Subject:  Re: Thanks for your note of response
Date:  Mon, 18 Dec 2006 08:53:12 -0800

Good Morning Bob:


Last things first. I've known ****** for 10 15 years. ... never had any conversations with *** about that or *** relationship with 3ABN. I had heard that he also served as a ******, but know nothing more.

My role for ASI in this matter is to facilitate a process for resolution of the issues we've agreed to consider, I'm not to be a "decider" In my law practice I handled domestic relations and criminal matters as a small part of my practice for about 10 years then evolved into a trial practice for the balance of my 32 years with the same firm in Ontario CA. Regarding the issue of "who owned the car? And thus I suppose who had the right to enter and possess it may become important. Illinois law would define those relationships and I don't have a clue what their law provides. In CA any property acquired during the marriage except by gift or inheritance) is community property belonging equally to both spouses, irrespective of how the title was held or who obtained the financing. Whether that applies in IL I have no information at all. I would expect that the answer to that issue would be a matter for the side interested in establishing that fact to present when a hearing occurs. I would think that what ever documents bear on that issue would be identified and produced on what ever time table is agreed upon.

I suspect Danny hasn't responded to you on that and other issues is a result of my rather insistent messages for him to stop engaging in criss cross exchanges that only lead to further posturing and misunderstandings. I believe the proper place for the exchanges are in our anticipated hearing, where it can be more factual than personal and hopefully lead to resolution.

On the question of rumors. TIME Magazine announced their Man of the Year today as YOU. Primarily based upon the involvement that people have been able to have with the world around them via electronic technology. Everyone can be a "player". This has ups and downs as I think is illustrated in our experience. Because of the ease of sharing information with an almost unlimited group it can bring the light of day on some pretty dark places. It has the effect of making people more accountable. It has some dark sides too. There are no checks and balances, or for weighing truth and fairness, people can change/distort information with a click, there is no civilized process for bringing matters to resolution. It almost borders on anarchy unless by accident or providence balancing information is posted. I'm both awed by what is possible electronically and disturbed by it as it has a potential for great harm or great good.

The aspect of what has been in process re 3ABN is healthy to a point, as it has pointed out some aspects of their operations that could/should be improved. I really think the messages have been heard by the people responsible for operations. The down side is what I alluded to the other day of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

3ABN really is a remarkable ministry in its' impact for the SDA Church. It can be better. By Gods' Grace


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