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Updated 1/10/2013
2011 Form 990

Updated 6/22/2011
3ABN sued
over Tommy!

Added 3/14/2010
Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
Plea Deal

Updated 4/2/2010
Tommy Shelton

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Mom in Pain #1

Mene, Mene,
Tekel, Parsin

The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

CS says, "Danny Told Me!"

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CS says she would never have known what was going on, if 3ABN president Danny Shelton hadn't have repeatedly told her about it on the air.

Thanks so much for the publicity, Danny. You have done a lot toward making our "Save 3ABN" campaign as much of a success as it's been.

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I was on save3abn and noticed you had placed some additional information on today; ....

Personally, I believe you have done an incredible job of documenting all of this sordid information and the amazing thing is that people like my husband and I would have never learned about what was really going on if it hadn't have been for Danny Shelton himself. We've listened to 3abn for a dozen years now and for a long time we've kept hearing Danny complaining that there were people on the internet who were saying such terrible things about him. After hearing him complaining over and over I finally began looking and it took me awhile to begin to see what he was talking about. The truth must be that Danny is most likely sending many more people to get the facts because of his own big mouth!!!!


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