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"I Saw Through Danny a Long Time Ago"
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-------- Original Message --------
From:  LJ
To:  WebMaster
Subject:  Who are you?
Date:  Tue, 3 Apr 2007 05:26:33 -0400


I saw through Danny a long time ago. Didn't need any of this info. Before the divorce I thought Linda was getting liberal, but AFTER the divorce I saw that liberalism increased! Because I had a friend (deceased) who personally knew the Shelton's, he knew of Tommy's homosexuality. I knew Danny must know that, and wondered why he would let him be on 3ABN, and I also knew he was a preacher in a Sunday church. That was a red flag. From my point of view Danny was using 3 ABN to promote the Shelton family. And Melody's divorce and remarriage, and new baby was another red flag. None of this should be put before the public. What is going on with Danny? Why does he think his supporters are so dumb not to see through all of this?

But the main thing that bothered me, is the PENTECOSTAL atmosphere of his live meetings. Lots of clapping and praise to each other. I could not watch so turned it off. I waited for the day when Danny would cleverly introduce his new wife on TV. That did it. I got up and turned it off, and wrote and told him I would do so whenever he appeared with her. What an affront to all of us out here. Again, he thinks we are a bunch of dummies. Well, the financial support must have dropped off, so what does Danny do? He starts putting on some excellent CONSERVATIVE preachers. Very clever of him.

It is very obvious by the tone of Danny's emails that he is not a converted man. He has all head knowledge, and he has more "stuff" then any preacher should have! I have a friend who was in the entertainment world as a guitarist. He noticed that Danny sometimes uses VERY EXPENSIVE guitars, and wondered how come a preacher owned such expensive guitars?

I wonder what role Danny will play in the upcoming GLOBAL RAIN? If Danny lives up to what I think he is, He will be very clever and use this time to "repent" and use this chance to regain the sympathy of many of his viewers. He should put away his new wife if he truly repents!

3ABN would be better on in the control of the church with Danny removed, but, I bet that will never happen. As time goes on Danny will "hang" himself and none of us need to give him the rope, he will do it all himself.


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