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Our friend below has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a number of ways. The reason for his request for anonymity becomes clear when he bares his soul regarding his own children.

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To:  AUreporter
Subject:  You may share this.
Date:  Thu, 8 Mar 2007 10:31:33 -0800 (PST)


By bringing the work that has been apparently done under the cover of "night" to the "light" of day, your work is to be commended!

Moral and ethical accountability is not typically an operational standard that thrives in religious systems. On the other hand, an operational standard that seems to too often trump all other considerations is blind loyalty.

Not only have multiple victims been made to suffer due to alleged immoral and alleged unethical conduct, they have been forced to suffer further because thus far church leaders have either trivialized the incredible allegations by their silence, or have exposed the powerful influence of the "clerical collar line," a line of blind loyalty that thus far has been crossed by too few.

When another religious system initially trivialized the suffering of children who had been sexually violated by clergy, church members at campmeetings across America certainly shook their heads in disbelief at such a poor response. Next summer as people head to campmeeting they might just see imaginary "millstones" hanging from the necks of preachers who seem to have a lot to say at campmeeting time, but nothing to say right now....

Nothing to say but maybe a little grinding of teeth at night as the growing knowledge of specific acts of behavior continues to find accessibility to a world wide audience due to technology.

Sadly, I believe that employees and ministers who were silent when it mattered, will become "singing canaries" when it doesn't matter. In the mean time, the world will witness whether Christian laity and ministers from across the world will continue their acquiescence towards this forced silence of the lambs, or whether they will hear the cries of every precious lamb, and take a decisive stand!

The idea that people in the pew can't do anything is just an excuse for doing nothing. I have no doubt that church leaders will all of a sudden find a voice and the conviction to act if church members the world over vote with their pocketbooks. I'm told that in Europe when scoundrels in business abuse the people, the people immediately unite in a boycott towards the companies or entities until reform occurs. Can anyone tell us when church authority became a blank check to authorize unaccountable behavior? To believe such nonsense is to bow the knee to a religious system that wrote the book on this subject.

The "church" has a media tool which begs the question: Should people stand by and do nothing, invariably contributing to the progressive growth of unquestionably "cultic like" behavior within the ministry, or should people stand united to save this ministry from itself; ultimately getting professional help for the growing number of broken people within it?

Because the ministry aligns itself with the church, the church can certainly use its administrative authority to apply various measures of discipline if the church so desired; including the placement of a new minister to assist at the heart of the problem. How long would the ministry survive if the leadership received church discipline, or if the organization was no longer a blessed entity of the denomination? Thus a "Pilate's hand-washing" because the ministry has a "separate board" is not an option, and never has been an option.

Finally, I know what it is to be the parent of children who were sexually molested by a deacon of the church, and to have that information covered up and withheld from me by other members of the church; including my children's own mother and grandmother.

For the sake of mending broken people, especially the children, I sincerely hope and pray that every Christian will seek his or her responsibility before God regarding this situation!

Yes, the situation is messy, but that is no excuse not to "clean the house." Yes, church leaders and board members did make some serious mistakes, and were obviously only privy to a portion of the facts, but that is no excuse for pride to continue, and for pride to cause the ruination and fall of this ministry. So let the cookies crumble. They will anyway.

May we never cease to pick up our cross in service to Jesus!


Anonymous (to protect my precious children)

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