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Message of Encouragement

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-------- Original Message --------
From:  DK
To:  AUreporter
Subject:  Be of Good Courage!
Date:  Wed, 9 May 2007 12:43:23 -0400

I just wanted to send you a message of encouragement. You have done a tremendous work in researching the facts regarding 3ABN and Danny Shelton and then presenting all of the information for all to see who will see. Thank you for standing up for truth!

I am astonished that Danny Shelton rose to a powerful place on a pedestal while all of us were asleep. Who would have thought that could happen in the midst of conservative Adventism? This is a lesson for all of us who have just blindly supported any ministry without looking beyond the man or woman who is in the forefront. Maybe if I had acknowledged some of the troubling questions I had along the way, I would not have continued my blind support so long. I ask myself and others ... how did this happen that we helped to create a very powerful man who apparently thinks he is above the law – God's law and man's law – and thinks he cannot be touched or taken down off that dangerous pedestal?

I would like to encourage you to leave no facts unrevealed. You have done a commendable job of sticking to just the facts and posting documentation relating to both sides. This enables us to sort through all the material and then come to our own conclusions. Thank you again for having the courage to go through all of this. I know you and Bob are facing a legal battle. Be of good courage and know that our prayers are with you.


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