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JW Shares from Her Own Experience

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We received the following fax on February 6, 2007, from JW, a Seventh-day Adventist lay person who serves on a local conference executive committee.

We appreciate your sharing these insights, JW, insights drawn from your own painful experiences. Thank you so much.

From:  on behalf of jw
Subject:  If you really want to save 3ABN . . .

An open letter to supporters of 3ABN:

I am a lay person who was interviewed on 3ABN in 2006. At the time, I knew nothing of the troubles plaguing the station, or I would have seriously reconsidered any involvement or affiliation with the institution. I also serve on a local Adventist conference committee and am concerned about our lax or apathetic attitude when it comes to redeeming erring Christians while holding them accountable for their actions. Without a miracle from God, I have serious doubts that Danny, Shelton will ever resign or admit any wrong doing. Here is why.

I must let you know, I am not a psychologist or mental health professional. I am, however, recently divorced (1 year) from a man counselors diagnosed as a narcissist. A true narcissist will lie as easily as look at you. They are very charismatic, powerful, men of influence, and are very believable, because they truly believe their own lies. Masters of manipulation. Counselors explained to me that narcissists can never be wrong about even the smallest thing. The most severe cases will die rather than admit wrong. After reading a letter from the "Doctor" I received last fall, the similarities between my ex-husband and Danny Shelton made my skin crawl.

I watched our counselor push my husband on a particular point to try to make him face a problem. He danced around the issue for a while, and became more and more agitated until he finally began shaking and he held his head in his hands and said "Stop, stop, you're killing me, you're killing me." The counselor told me later, he backed off because had he continued, it's very possible he could have had a heart attack or stroke. My husband's mother actually had a heart attack following an argument with him once, and she always blamed it on him. It's amazing what runs in families. (That's also a possible explanation for Tommy Shelton's illnesses when faced with his wrong doing.)

It is my "unprofessional" opinion that Danny Shelton will never admit any wrong-doing. Taking him to, court or facing him with in-your-face, indisputable facts will.never yield an admission, or an apology, or save 3ABN. He cannot be at fault or he will die. He needs help he will never get, because he doesn't need help. Everyone else does. The rules do not apply to.him. This is a serious illness, and while I have compassion on him (as I did my ex-husband for 37 years), we must not sacrifice a worldwide ministry, trying to save him.

God still performs awesome miracles, but He also has specific instruction we must follow about discipline among the body of Christ.

If we really want to save 3-ABN (and we can't afford to wait much longer), the board will have to fire he & his brother from their positions. And when they do, it is very possible the lives of the board will be in danger. After my husband left, my counselors told me I could never have left him. He would not have allowed it. He had to call the shots, and of course I wasn't a good wife so he was forced into the arms of another woman. I was in danger and didn't know it.

Please . . . Please. Call in mental health professionals and ask them to evaluate the situation, and then act accordingly. if they concur, this is no small matter and must not be taken lightly. If the board removes him, and I believe it is the only answer, steps should be taken to assure the safety of employees, board members, and especially Linda.

Thank you for listening, and my prayers are with you.



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