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Legal Posturing
Voktar of Zargon May 10 2007, 03:56 PM

Some time ago a reference was made to the document ISSUES: The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Certain Private Ministries. published by the North American Division back in the early 1990's. This was a formal statement published by the denomination about prominent independent ministries. These organizations, "Hope International, Hartland Institute, Prophecy Countdown, and Steps to Life," showed themselves to be peculiarly dissaffected from the church, impacting the church on a number of negative levels. Some of the major issues were - diversion of tithe, opposition to church authority, and divisive doctrinal beliefs. Though the denomination could take no disciplinary action on these groups, and never initiated any broad-based formal investigation into their activities (that I am aware of), organizations like O.C.I. and A.S.I. did write letters of admonition followed by board actions removing [them] from membership in their groups.

Moreover the N.A.D. published the book (ISSUES) containing copious documentation. Some of these documents outlined the financial, ethical, and political improprieties of these independent ministries.

Now for the application. The independent ministry of 3ABN has a more positive stance toward the denomination doctrinally than do these previously mentioned groups. 3ABN does not promote the diversion of tithe. 3ABN does not publically attack the church or its authority. Many denominational and supportive ministries are dependent on 3ABN for the promotion of their work (a big part of the problem perhaps).

All of this aside - 3ABN does have multiple financial, moral, ethical, Biblical and administrative problems which threaten to bring disgrace upon the church.

In light of this, A.S.I. should have been the first one to admonish and discipline 3ABN. It has not.

The North American Division has ample evidence to formally distance itself from 3ABN and even publish a document similar to ISSUES. It has not.

For now functions as our ISSUES document until such time as the current lawsuit puts a muzzle on this site (one of its major goals I am assuming).

Let us petition A.S.I. and the denominational authorities to step up and do their job. Let us pray that God will likewise impress them to do so.

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