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-------- Original Message --------
From:  SH
To:  AUReporter
Subject:  Danny and family must be removed
Date:  Wed, 25 Apr 2007 20:28:14 -0400

I was thrilled when 3abn first came on the air and bought the dish which only handled the one channel. I loved Linda, and was saddened when she was banished from the ministry which she helped to build. I visited her web page from time to time just to see how she was doing though I never contacted her.

I could find nothing in the Bible that alluded to "spiritual adultery." Deborah certainly spent more than ten minutes with Barak, and they weren't on the phone. There was a job that needed to be done and they did it. Nathan needed help and Linda saw an opportunity to get that needed help. It is SO obvious that Danny was looking for a way to get rid of her so he could pursue his own adulterous relationship(s) in an attempt to "look innocent" to the public.

Danny's brother is STILL on the programming. Why? Is sexual molestation a lesser sin than talking on the phone? Danny married his present wife who had "been put aside" after he got rid of his wife. Biblically, he is an adulterer and so is she.

My prayer is that sin be cast out of the camp. As God could not bless Israel until Achan and his family were dealt with, sin in the camp of 3abn must also be removed. REMOVED! Just as Linda was removed. Not just stepping down as president and still holding positions. Achan's family was removed with him and Danny's family with all its nepotism must also be removed with him. The credibility of our church and its standards are at stake here. I will not be supporting this ministry, or even AF, until this is dealt with, because Doug's credibility will also be compromised if he gets involved without getting sin out of the camp. 3abn has been a blessing and much of the programming is still a blessing, but when Danny comes on the air, the TV is turned off. Please, get this taken care of before it becomes an embarrassment and hindrance to the church worldwide. Remember Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker?


We would just like to point out that even as Korah's sons died not because they were not a part of their father's rebellion in the wilderness (Num. 26:11), so also should those members of Danny's family be spared who have not been partakers of his evil deeds.

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