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By May 16, 2004:

"I Want to Buy Your Half of the House"

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One thing that is interesting about the email below is that it documents that by May 16, 3ABN president Danny Shelton was moving toward divorce by talking about buying out Linda's half of the house. Linda thinks that he may have been talking about this already in April, and she claims that in her and Danny's March 9 meeting with Pastor John Lomacang, Danny was already talking about divorce.

Other aspects of the email below may also be of interest.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  [Linda Shelton]
To:  Danny Shelton
Subject:  Re:
Sent:  Sunday, May 16, 2004 10:13 AM

Quoting Danny Shelton ...:


You keep saying that I trash you to people, but I am shocked at how many people you have trashed me to.

For instance, talking to D***** S*****, (your ex mother in law) is like putting it in the newspaper and I'm sure that's what you had in mind. But you should know this plan is not working.

Correction: I've said nothing to D***** S*****.

When people in town call me and tell me what they've heard, all I have to do is tell them that you think it's ok to have a phone relationship with another man with conversations from 1-4 hrs at a time, several times a week. They all are shocked that you believe this is ok to do. I don't talk to them about adultery, I don't bad mouth you, I simply tell them that though you have promised many times in the last 3 months or more to stop, you now are talking to him several times a week.

Correction: Once again you are giving them a partial story, (as you have done all along)...additionally, if you told them what you have done: trashed my name and reputation to 3ABN workers, the SDA Church and the WORLD completely ruining my ministry, they would have a much different perception of you. No matter how you want to sugar-coat it, this is nothing short of vicious and demonic...especially since when this thing started you had no proof and your "guesses" about this relationship were completely wrong!!

The ones who have called me from learning about this through the D***** S***** ****** system, immediately say they cannot believe that you, as a Christian and 3ABN Vice President can think this is ok. I don't even have to tell them about your planned vacations togather, while we're still married. That would be too shocking to them.

Any married person knows that it is wrong to have this kind of relationship with another person of the opposite sex, over your husbands or wife's objections.

Correction: Again, you fail to mention the professional relationship we have had beginning first with Nathan, and then progressing to this incredibly high stress and destructive circumstance that you have personally orchestrated. There are good and bad ways at looking at a subject. Normally men who love their wives will try to portray their "loved ones" in the most appealing light, even if they are experiencing communication problems. You have most decidedly with great determination showed me that you DO NOT LOVE ME since you have chosen to portray a picture of your wife in the worst possible light...taking 25% truth and mixing it with 75% error.

The people who have called me locally, after hearing about this through the D***** S***** system, are not even Christians, yet they immediately respond, "I can't believe Linda can believe it's alright to talk to another man over your objections. I wouldn't have put up with it this long, I would have booted my spouse out.

B***** E***** is not the only one hearing it through the D***** S***** system. Guess how it could have gotten to city hall? Who would have ever guessed you would be using ... to spread false rumors about me.

Correction: None of this has been initiated by me.

I think you remember that last time you and me and your ex in laws were all at city hall, I was rescuing you from .... Fortunately, I was your knight in shining armor at that time and was able to help ....

My how things have changed in our you're the one firing the shots instead of trying to protect me...under the guise of "standing for principle." How does your actions fit with the principle of "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church?"

Your trying to gain support from the world is only backfiring for you as even the world knows there cannot be 3 people in a marriage relationship. Please get on your knees to God and give up your foolish pride and ask God to forgive you of this terrible sin. Once you've given it to God, I'm willing to forgive you as we're still married and I love you very much.

I already have asked God to forgive my known and un-known sin. As far as the marriage is concerned, I will need to see you give up your foolish pride and make right the sins you have committed against me. The fact is DAN, that my reputation and ministry are DESTROYED! The question is "Who started the rumors?" "Who altered the facts to where people all over think "Linda has been unfaithful to her husband and as a result is getting fired from 3ABN?" Who, as President, tolerated my own workers getting interviewed in an attempt to find reason to fire me...since talking to a man on the phone was not enough??"

Once we're divorced, or once I know that you've met him again, somewhere to physically be with him, it will be too late.

He has you right where he wants you, totally, in your own words, "trusting him". He is not a Christian, he's being used by the devil. I'm amazed at how quickly the world recognizes this fact that he has been a snake in the grass, yet you claim to still see him as your piece of chocolate cake, that you intend to have.

Correction: Once again, as always, you are drawing conclusions without acquiring the facts...from me.

I also am aware that you have talked to B***** D. That also has failed, as Walt has brought her son, who as you know is a 3ABN board member, up to date, on the truth of this relationship as well as your position and work relationship here at the ministry.

Correction: I am not interested in searching out people to tell my story. But if they come to me and ask me about it, I will tell them the truth. B***** came to me.

I think I will always love you, but I won't always be here to take you back in the future. I have to go on with life. I can't worry about all the places that you're planning to meet this doctor for vacations and time alone togather anymore. Yes, I think I'll know about the when's and where's, but I have a ministry to run and need to consentrate on that.

Correction: Love?? I don't believe, under the circumstances, you even know what it is. However, I am still praying that God's will may be done in this situation. Considering you are insisting in buying out my half of the house, this (once again) sends a strong message to me that you want a divorce. This combined with your e-mails to my family, the typed document of how you want to divide our property, your insults, condemnation and continued negativity, your actions putting down your wife, ETC., ETC., ETC., sends a strong message to me that you want a divorce. Although I have not initiated this action, I will grant you the divorce you are seeking with great determination... and although it will be VERY DIFFICULT for me under the circumstances, I will go on with my life too.

If you want to talk please give me a call, otherwise I'll try not to bother you anymore.

Friday evening and Sabbath morning, May 14 and 15, was just one more time that I had my hopes up, but you, once again had to talk to the doctor and let him discourage you from staying in your marriage and ministry. I would hate to be him on judgement day.

Correction: This is so laughable it doesn't even deserve a reply. "Your hopes up??"

Even if you decide to divorce me, which you've said your going to do for the last several weeks, I still would like to part friends. Who knows, we might need each other in the future.

I still love you very much


Correction: LAUGHABLE!!

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