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April 16, 2004:

"I Felt Dan Was Trying to Make Me
Choose Between Him and My Son"

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What follows is a very early, unfinished account from former 3ABN vice-president Linda Shelton's perspective regarding what happened in early 2004 that led to the demise of her marriage with Danny Shelton. It was sent to Elder and Mrs. Thorvaldsson on April 16, 2004, just one day after Danny and Linda had gone to Wichita for marriage counseling with the Ryans, as recommended by their brother-in-law.

It would appear that this account represents the type of information that Linda, Elder Thorvaldsson, and Dr. Abrahamsen would have shared with the board if they had been allowed and/or encouraged to do so.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Linda Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Subject:  Re: Greetings
Date:  Friday, April 16, 2004 4:18 PM

Hi Johann & Irmgard,

This is the partial story of the events I told you I was going to record. I think it helps clear up alot of problems.

We went to the marriage counselor yesterday. Although nothing much has changed, it was a good day. Dan is no longer saying I have to say the doctor was of the devil. One thing the counselor did say to Dan which was a bit comical was, "I get so tired of hearing you talk...please listen." He also said, "50% of everything that comes out of your mouth is a put-down to your wife." But, like I said, I think the Lord blessed in spite of the fact that nothing much changed, except two more people know what's going on in our lives.

Irmgard, my prayers are with you. Keep looking to Jesus. He is giving you the strength for this battle. Your peace of mind and your positive outlook is critical at this time. I wish I could be there to try to make you laugh. I've got some great stories after yesterday! God bless you!!

Love you,

Linda Shelton

This story begins last September when Dan & I went to Denmark. There we met Irmgard, Johann's wife, for the first time. (Johann is a retired Pastor who is promoting 3ABN in Europe.) (Delightful people.) Just one week after this trip I received an e-mail from Johann stating that Irmgard had been diagnosed with bone cancer. I contacted them several times making them aware of individuals which could help them here in America. They decided to come to 3ABN for some treatments by some local people. Meanwhile they met a doctor from Norway over the phone who invited them to come to Norway. Irmgard said she needed to go to 3ABN first...and then this particular doctor felt impressed to go to 3ABN as well. He had been watching 3ABN for about 4 years. I met Dr. Abrahamsen through Johann & Irmgard about the last week of December, towards the end of his visit. Then I mentioned to him about the condition of my son, Nathan.

Nathan was just 15 when his father (who is not a Christian) took me to court to get custody of Nathan. Although the father had spent little time with Nathan during his childhood, Nathan was thrilled when all of a sudden he received special attention from him and the encouragement to move in with him. He promised lots of fishing and hunting time together. Making a long story short, I lost custody of Nathan. Less than a year later Nathan wanted to come home to live with us, but his father would not let him, and the law did not support him doing this. After this, Nathan's life became a terrible and horrifying journey as he chose a wild lifestyle with alcohol, drugs, etc. Nathan is alive today because of the grace of God, and a lot of prayer. Nathan worked in the coal mines from ages 21-23. (He's 23 now) Thus, he was able to afford the most addicting drug on the market today which is known as "meth." In one year's time, he says, he spent $20,000 on this drug. As a result Nathan looked like one of the starved Jews out of a Nazi camp with scars from the affects of the drugs all over his face and neck. Additionally, Nathan had been exposed to dangerous chemicals in the mines and he was a physical wreck. As his mother, I have been begging God for a miracle for many years.

It was a miracle when I was able to convince Nathan to go and see Dr. Abrahamsen while he was here. He tested Nathan and, of course, discovered that he was in a terrible physical condition. He said, "I think I can help you but you would need to come to Norway." Somewhere in the conversation he offered Nathan a place to stay and also treatments which would help him physically...and Nathan actually agreed to go. It was scheduled for Nathan and his girlfriend, Dava, to go about January 21. I talked to this doctor only a couple of times making the arrangements for this trip. Dan's opinion was that the doctor sounded like a "quack" but he thought just a month away from his friends would help.

Next, my best friend (of two years), Brenda and I flew to Norway to give Nathan support. We arrived on Monday night February 2 and we left Friday morning, February 6. I was amazed at the difference in Nathan's appearance in only 10 days. He was gaining weight, his scars were healing and his attitude was 100% improved. I praised God that finally my miracle had come for my son. Afterwards, when home again, I called to check on Nathan about twice a week. One conversation with the doctor alerted me to the fact that he felt that Nathan's foundational problem was that he really wanted a Dad. His blood father had kicked him out of the house when he was 18. At that time I asked my husband if he could move in with us to nurture him back to the Lord. Dan refused. He said, "Nathan is just too different now with his drinking and smoking and drugs. And what if he brought his friends over to the house?" I felt really bad about the doctor's conclusion and I went to Dan in January and said, "We really failed Nathan when we didn't invite him to live with us when he was 18. He really needed us." Dan in general responded, "That was your marriage, it's your kid and it's not my responsibility...and don't think for a minute he's going to move in with us when he gets home from Norway." Again I was reminded I had to fight for Nathan's life alone.

Brenda and I had a pleasant visit with the doctor while we stayed in his home. He had lost his wife just last August, and when he got home from work, in the evenings we were able to make him laugh and get his mind off of his sorrows. He invited Brenda to come back in June for treatments, since she was in a bad physical condition...he even offered to pay for her plane ticket. When Brenda and I left Norway, we both felt we had gained a friend.

February was a heavy month of traveling for Dan & myself. The first week I was in Norway. The second weekend we were in Florida. The third week we went to the Philippines. And the fourth weekend we were in Kansas. But between February 8, when I got home from Norway, and March 9, when we counseled with our Pastor, I am accused of committing spiritual the extent that my husband has told me six times that he now has grounds to re-marry. Additionally, the doctor was in Africa one of those weeks, so that leaves approximately 2 weeks where this adultery had to have happened. Dan obtained the records from a calling card that I had which revealed that there were calls on 3 days out of 10, and these longer calls began to occur when Nathan came home (the latter part of February) and started having drug problems again, and also I started having serious problems with Dan. Although I never discussed Dan with the doctor early on, when the serious problems began, the doctor was a friend that I felt would keep things confidential...and he was 6000 miles away.

When I arrived home from Norway I told Dan that I'd found a friend in this doctor and that Nathan was doing excellent. Twice, when I was talking to the doctor on the phone, Dan came and pulled the phone away from my ear so he could listen. (Let me point out here that I've never done this to Dan when he was talking to a female.) When the subject changed from "Nathan" to something else Dan said "Hang up." I explained to Dan that when he is raising funds for 3ABN that he never just said "Hello, would you send 3ABN $10,000?" He always had a warm, friendly conversation and he made friends with the person. In the same way, I felt I couldn't just formally discuss Nathan and then "hang up." So from then on, my conversations with the doctor were done privately.

At some point in February I was sharing with the doctor about how busy we were at 3ABN with traveling and schedules and he said, "You know, I'm going to Florida over spring break, and you ought to think about going down there to get some rest." I just changed the subject because I thought it would never fit into my schedule anyway. A few days later I mentioned to Brenda what the doctor had said. Her response was "Oh, I think that would be fun, let's go!" A week later when the doctor returned from Africa, I mentioned to him that Brenda and I thought we'd go to Florida. He had totally forgotten anything about it. But he agreed to go .... However about two weeks later after Brenda talked with Dan, she came to me and said "Dan is getting pretty irate about you talking to the doctor. We better cancel him." I immediately agreed. However, he offered the condo for us to stay in although he wouldn't be there. But we had remedied this Florida vacation situation way before Dan found out about it. And as it turned out, the entire trip was canceled.

Somewhere during the month of February I asked Brenda if she really wanted to go to Norway in June to get treatments. She said "Yes." I said, "Well, if you want me to go, you'll have to ask Dan if I can go." She did. He said "yes." Please keep this in mind for later.

March 8 Dan told me if I didn't stop talking to the doctor, he was going to get me fired at 3ABN. This was quite a bombshell, and at the time I felt that he was trying to make me choose between him and my son, because Nathan still needed this doctor who cared about him and who had so incredibly helped him physically. (In 3 and ½ weeks his appearance was completely different, and he looked similar to how he looked at 18.) Things really began to get crazy at this point. Dan said he was going to talk to our Pastor, who by the way works for Dan, and who Dan is trying to raise money for his down payment on a house. He did. The next day I called John, not intending to get into any heavy discussions, but it ended up that he came over to our house for six hours. Dan discussed our "surprisingly horrible" marriage to John for about 5 ½ hours, while I mentioned a few issues in 30 minutes. Dan's threat was "It's either the marriage and 3ABN or it's the relationship with the doctor." The conclusion of the evening's meeting was that I wouldn't talk to the doctor anymore.

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