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"She Will Not Be Fired Because
of Her Relationship with the Doctor"

So Said 3ABN President Danny Shelton

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Danny Shelton in the email below is quite emphatic: The 3ABN Board was not going to fire Linda because of his claims of an inappropriate relationship.

Why then was she fired? Does anyone know? Can anyone tell us?

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Johann Thorvaldsson
Date:  Tuesday, May 4, 2004 2:04 AM


The doctor and Linda continue to lie about their relationship.

The doctor told the Union President that he hardly ever has talked to my wife since she came back from Norway.

He says he never calls her. ...


Yesterday Walt talked to him and told him the consenquences of him ever talking to her again. ...


Johann, the board is meeting as I type this. I'm afraid I know the outcome, and it's not good for her.

... I told her that if she would promise me and the board to quit communicating with him for one month, that I would try to talk them out of possibly firing her this week. Though I don't know If that's what will happen, I do know it looks bad.

... I was shocked but said to her I needed to hear something right away as the board is meeting this evening.


I called Walt back and told him to do whatever they were going to do as Linda apparently didn't care enough to finish discussing it.

... So at this moment the board is having to decide her fate. ...


Johann, you'll never wake up! ...

By the way, the board will not fire her for my claims of the relationship between her and the doctor. If they fire her it will be for other honest reasons that you know not at this time.

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