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Dr. Walt Thompson's Ultimatum

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On May 4, 2004, 3ABN board chairman Dr. Walt Thompson sent Linda Shelton the following ultimatum. Notice the following points and claims that it makes:

  • Dr. Thompson's ultimatum was not negotiable, and had to be accepted within 24 hours.
  • It "represents the will of the board" even though the board had not heard the "details of this matter."
  • Dr. Thompson claimed to have the authority to tell Linda who she could and couldn't talk to, even if there was nothing "immoral" going on.
  • If Linda accepted the ultimatum, she must leave southern Illinois for 30 days, and thus not be around to present her side of the story at the May 2004 board meeting.
  • She could not discuss the matter with anyone other than a select few, which appears to leave out her attorney, thus further depriving her of her rights.
  • If Linda did not accept the ultimatum, a committee would investigate the matter further and make "recommendations" to the board. In other words, Linda would not be allowed to present her side of the situation to the board even if she didn't agree to the ultimatum.
  • If she chose to have the committee investigate the matter further, it would be "unlikely" that she would have "any future role" "at 3ABN." In other words, she'd be fired anyway.

Have a problem with any of this? Feel free to contact Dr. Thompson and share your thoughts with him.

The Ultimatum

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Walt Thompson
To:  [Alyssa]
Subject:  Letter for Linda
Date:  Tue, 4 May 2004 21:43:07 -0500

Dear Linda,

This is a copy of the letter that has been sent by FEDEX to you. While you may not understand now, someday you will realize that we are truly desirous of returning you to your home and ministry because we care about you. I plan to go to 3ABN tomorrow and will be available to talk with you if you have questions needing clarification.


May, 4, 2004

Walter Thompson MD
Chairman of 3ABN Board of Directors
174 Foxborough Place
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Linda Shelton
Three Angel's Broadcasting Network
PO Box 220
West Frankfort, IL 62896

Dear Linda,

A committee representing the 3ABN board of directors has been selected and has met for the purpose of evaluating the present problem at 3ABN relating to your relationship to Danny and to the ministry of 3ABN - and seeking a resolution acceptable to all parties involved. This letter is intended to represent the will of the board.

Let me begin by expressing our gratitude to you for the part you have played at 3ABN for the past nearly twenty years. You have been an important part of the ministry from the beginning – a fact appreciated by us all. Accordingly, this letter is not written with the intent to destroy your home or your part in the ministry, but rather to rehabilitate and restore.

In accordance with this intent, we are offering the following proposal to you. We believe it has the potential of accomplishing the desired objectives, i.e., to save both your home and a place for you in this ministry. It would do so without making the details of this matter known to the full board or others.

Nor is this letter expressing an opinion regarding the nature of your relationship with Dr. Abrahamson. Whether or not this relationship has been immoral or not is not the issue of this document. The facts are that the relationship and your refusal to discontinue it in spite of repeated requests by Danny and our requests, has damaged both your family and 3ABN – a reality we must deal with in wisdom, love and compassion – but deal with, we must.

We are offering you a 30 day leave of absence with pay and full benefits - to begin at the time of receipt of this letter. During this time the following conditions must be met.

You will be relieved of all duties at 3ABN and will not appear at 3ABN other than to obtain items from your immediate office upon personal request from me. You will arrange to leave Southern Illinois at 3ABN expense for the duration. Both you and 3ABN need time to cool off.

You will agree in writing to cease all communication with Dr. Abrahamson, whether direct or indirect, whether by e-mail, telephone, letter or any other, or through Johann or any other third party. We are designating a period of 30 days, but with the intent this must be a life-long decision.

During this time you will not discuss the issues related to your relationship with 3ABN with anyone other than your immediate family, your professional counselors or representatives or members of the board of directors.

Since this time is recommended as a time for reflection and serious rehabilitation we are requesting that you arrange to receive professional help relating to the issues at hand. We are recommending Ron and Nancy Rocky to you. They have agreed to open their home to you and to give you personal help in dealing with the issues at the center of the present problems. It will be private and protected from the public eye such that neither your image nor reputation ought be damaged. Should you choose different professional help, it must be acceptable to this committee.

At the end of 30 days we will reassess the situation and make further recommendations as indicated.

The issues in this proposal are not negotiable. Should they be unacceptable to you – we hope sincerely they will be acceptable – we will proceed promptly with further investigation of the facts regarding the matter at hand. In that case we will need a list of witnesses you would like us to hear. We will offer Danny the same opportunity. Once we have had opportunity to hear the evidence, we will be in a better position to make recommendations to the full board based upon that evidence. Based on the facts we already know, however, we think pursuing such a course would make any future role for you at 3ABN unlikely.

That is why, Linda, we are pleading with you to accept this proposal for healing and restoration. This is God's ministry. He has chosen you to be a part of it. We want you to continue to be a part of it. But in order for that to happen really important things must change.


Walter Thompson MD
Chairman of the Board of Directors, 3ABN
Committee members include Nicholas P. Miller, Bill Hulsey and Kay Kuzma (by invitation)

Your signature here will confirm your agreement with this proposal. Please sign and return copy within 24 hours of receipt of this letter.

Linda Shelton __________________________________________________________.

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