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Anonymous on "Breech of Fiduciary Responsibility"

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Save 3ABN recently posted the Nick Miller story, with its allegations of altered billing records and lack of board investigation. Anonymous responds below to that story. May we all resist the temptations he speaks of.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  ******
To:  AUreporter
Subject:  breech of fiduciary responsibility
Date:  Mon, 6 Aug 2007 08:56:04 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Gailon & Bob:

If the Nick Miller correspondence does not cause the church leadership, the ASI leadership, and the 3ABN board leadership, to drop to their knees in prayer and introspection, what will?

The word that keeps coming to mind is fiduciary. The word is defined as:

"One, such as an agent of a principal or a company director, that stands in a special relation of trust, confidence, or responsibility in certain obligations to others."

If the statements made by Attorney Nick Miller, former 3ABN board member, and former 3ABN general counsel, are proven true regarding his recounting of facts and events at 3ABN, it would seem obvious to me, and maybe to others, that the board of 3ABN has crossed a line in their failure to perform up to a standard of what most reasonable people would do to uphold the public trust.

Consequently, every leader within ASI, the church, 3ABN, and now even Amazing Facts, stands at risk to leave a historic legacy not as men and women willing to stand up for what is right though the heavens fall, but a legacy not dissimilar to the "ten spy majority report," which faithlessly proclaimed that nothing could be done about the enemy in the land.

Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Joy, your reports, which I am going to assume were first given privately to persons in responsibility, were obviously met with the same response the "two spies" received in the Biblical story, "We don't want to hear what you have to say."

Nonetheless, as more and more details come forward such as the Nick Miller correspondence, which must be requiring oxygen tents in high places, the pressure and temptation facing embarrassed laity and church leaders to want to silence the truth to avoid further embarrassment, must be incredible.

If we are not there yet, we probably will get there, in which this situation will come down to certain leaders so desperately desiring to "circle the wagons" to protect their reputations, they will be tempted to do almost anything to hide the truth from coming out; including privately supporting a lawsuit they know is unjust. Even though they may come to an accepted realization regarding some of the truth within the allegations, pride will seek the supreme right to sacrifice the revelation of this truth; on an altar made by their own hands to honor their careers and personal reputations. Some of this same type of motivation can be seen in the Biblical account in which the Sanhedrin, even though personal witnesses to the truth of Christ's miracles, still saw no other way out other than to crucify him.

I have no doubt in my mind for one second, that some may end up sacrificing heaven itself, because of the amount of personal pride that is invested in this matter. To make matters tragically worse, those individuals in positions of spiritual accountability, who were so weak and spineless they didn't do anything when they could have as spiritual advisors to prevent such investments of sin and pride, may in the end share the responsibility such unchecked and unrepented sin creates upon the cause of Christ. What an unnecessary burden to have to bear.

In the end, people will use the "we were just trying to protect the church" axiom to cover an absolute myriad of sinful conduct, and spineless leadership behavior, but God will know the truth, and the truth should forever set the laity free from the naive idea and tradition, that "leaders can do no wrong," and should inspire the laity to demand greater accountability in the future from leaders who hold the public trust.

Had the ****** fiasco taught the people anything at large, maybe these things wouldn't be where they are today? How sad all of this is for sure.


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