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What follows is the release Gailon Joy wrote and emailed out Thursday afternoon, April 19, 2007, announcing the special broadcast in which Doug Batchelor and Danny Shelton were to tell the world about the marriage between Amazing Facts and 3ABN. Again, as in the days ahead, some details will become more clear or need correcting.

One point new sources say needs correcting is that this merger has been approved by "the General Conference Executive Board [and] the North American Division." On Thursday morning, April 19, Chaplain Gregory Matthews had been told by sources closely connected with Amazing Facts that this was the case, but later reports conflicted with that report.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  AUReporter
Subject:  Danny to resign Presidency of 3ABN
Date:  Thu, 19 Apr 2007 18:16:54 +0000

Less than 24 hours upon arriving at Amazing Facts in Sacramento, sources from several entities have now confirmed that Danny Lee Shelton will be resigning as President of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. of Thompsonville, Illinois. Danny and Amazing Facts president and Director / Speaker, Doug Batchelor, are flying from California to the studios of 3ABN to do a special Live show to announce the changes on 3ABN Live tonight beginning at 8:00 pm CDT. Sources have made clear that 3ABN will stay intact and Doug Batchelor will be assuming the Presidency of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. Doug will be flown back to California tomorrow and will retain the Presidency of Amazing Facts, Inc.

This arrangement, of which the terms and conditions remain unknown, has the blessings of the General Conference Executive Board, the North American Division, the Northern California Conference, the ASI Board, and the Boards of Amazing Facts and Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc.

There is no comment from sources regarding what, if any role, Danny Lee Shelton will continue to play at 3ABN, but several sources have expressed concern that Danny may still be ex officio CEO, but hiding behind the apron strings of Doug Batchelor. Sources at 3ABN have not confirmed what role Danny will be playing following the resignation. Nor has Amazing Facts sources indicated just how extensive, if any role, they will play in the day to day management of 3ABN. These are all significant questions that have a bearing on the Division of Assets case between Linda Sue Shelton, former wife, co-founder, Vice-president and production manager of 3ABN and Danny Lee Shelton, who faces allegations of having engineered the demise and public embarrassment of Linda Shelton during her extrication and botched dismissal in 2004.

The world now awaits the official statement of Doug and Danny this evening with particular interest regarding just how open and transparent 3ABN will be under a Batchelor Administration. It is worthy to note that Amazing Facts has been cited for a lack of disclosure in the past by monitors of 501(c)3 Non Profits and Amazing Facts is exempt from filing 990's because they are a religious organization. However, Amazing Facts is audited regularly by the General Conference Auditing Department.

A lack of transparency at 3ABN is not likely to be tolerated by the stockholders in the pews who still await answers regarding many unanswered financial questions from the Shelton Administration. There will be particular attention to just how a new administration will relate to mending the broken people who have been alleged victims of 3ABN under the Shelton Administration.

The live can be viewed on 3ABN starting at 8:00pm CDT or at online.

Gailon Arthur Joy

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