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The New Constituency for 3ABN/Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts to Leave Denominational Control

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A New Constituency

The media releases of both Amazing Facts and 3ABN have spoken about the merged organization having a new board and constituency:

"The boards of directors of both ministries have unanimously approved the venture that will join the ministries under a new board and constituency, creating a new global platform for evangelism."

Gailon Joy has been calling for 3ABN to have a constituency for quite some time in order for the 3ABN board to have more accountability. Till now his pleas have been spurned. What will this new constituency be like to whom the 3ABN board must answer to? Will the constituency be small or large? Will all the power of this huge enterprise be held in the hands of a few men, something Ellen repeatedly warned against, or will there be a broad-based constituency that will provide checks and balances?

Who Will Be the New Constituency?

Re: What about ASI?
Danny Shelton Apr 22 2007 10:10 PM


We have asked ASI Missions Inc board to be a constituency for the new 3ABN/Amazing Facts organization.

They are "lay" lead. Our ministries want to continue to be lead by the laymen. We in no way are opposed to the SDA church as I believe that this is the greatest church on earth, but I think God has put us in a position to support the church through the laity.

  Forum: Interview with Danny Shelton · Post Preview: #122412

Amazing Facts to Become an Independent Ministry

Perhaps the most interesting implication of what 3ABN president Danny Shelton wrote above is that Amazing Facts will no longer be a denominational entity after the merger takes place.

Based on the information found in the online pages of the Adventist Yearbook for the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Amazing Facts is currently an entity of that conference. Neither "Three Angels" nor "3ABN" appear anywhere in the Yearbook since 3ABN isn't a denominational entity.

After the merger is completed, if the ASI Missions, Inc. board is the constituency for the new Amazing Facts/3ABN board, or if the new entity is "lay led" as Danny put it, either way, Amazing Facts would no longer be an entity of the denomination.

Amazing Facts Admits That They Will Leave Denominational Control

The following is from Amazing Facts' news release dated April 25, 2007.

Q. Does the proposed union mean control of 3ABN will be assumed by the SDA denomination?

A. No. Both Amazing Facts and 3ABN will fall under a new board to be led by laity. Although Amazing Facts and 3ABN are self-funded entities, both organizations are supportive of the denomination and encourage people to be active at their local church. This policy will continue under the new union. New bylaws are being prepared to preserve that grassroots principle of lay leadership.

If 3ABN will not be a denominational entity, then Amazing Facts will no longer be either.

For the record, the one who writes these words feels that it might be best to not have 3ABN under denominational control, but that is a totally different issue than whether or not it is time for Danny Shelton to go.

Who Is on the ASI Missions, Inc. Board?

ASI Missions Inc.

President - Harold Lance
NAD appointees - Juan Prestol, Don Schneider, Halvard Thomsen
Members - Terry Anderson, Ron Christman, Dan Houghton, Andre Jubert, MD, Ellsworth McKee, Denzil McNeilus, Garwin McNeilus, Jane Sines, Stan Smith, Debbie Young

Come, let us reason together:

  • The 3ABN board has repeatedly refused to deal with the corruption of Danny Shelton's regime.
    • Ellsworth McKee is a member of the 3ABN board.
    • Ellsworth McKee is a member of the ASI Missions, Inc. board.
  • ASI Missions, Inc. president Harold Lance opposed:
    • ASI's investigating the Tommy Shelton child molestation allegations, even though those allegations were one of the primary issues that got the ASI tribunal idea going.
    • Both sides being able to freely ask questions during the tribunal.
    • The release of the evidence upon which the findings of the tribunal were to be based upon.
    • Our request to speak to the 3ABN board.
  • Ron Christman and Debbie Young as secretary and president of ASI received much of the correspondence outlining the various allegations being leveled against Danny Shelton.

What's the point? The point is that if neither the 3ABN board nor the ASI president and secretary and the ASI Missions, Inc. president has taken care of 3ABN's problems thus far, what assurance do we have that a new board controlled by the above constituency will either? What assurance do we have that it will not be business as usual for Danny Lee Shelton and those who call him "the Lord's anointed"?

Unanswered Questions About the ASI Missions, Inc. Board

  • Who is the constituency for ASI Missions, Inc.?
  • How are the board members chosen?
  • What checks and balances are in place?
  • Does too much power reside in the hands of a few, in direct violation of the counsel of the spirit of prophecy, or is everything all right in the above arrangement?

Anyone knowing the answers to these questions, please forward them to us using our Contact Us page.

"Send Us More Money"

The following is the final question and answer from Amazing Facts' news release dated April 25, 2007.

Q. I typically receive a monthly letter from both Amazing Facts and 3ABN. Now that these two ministries are moving toward uniting, how should I respond with my monthly support?

A. Please remember that Amazing Facts and 3ABN are each sustained financially entirely by friends like you. Neither ministry receives any denominational or corporate support. At this time, the finances of both ministries will continue to be run separately. However, both will now need your generous support. Especially during this time of transition, and as we make bold evangelistic plans for the future, we will urgently need your continued help for both ministries. Please continue to give as you always have (or more, if possible) to see us through this time.

We are certain that many, many people are more than willing to support organizations that take stands for truth, for righteousness, for obedience to the Ten Commandments, against sin, against unbiblical divorce and remarriage, against child molestation, and against lies and cover ups.

But until Pastor Doug, Amazing Facts, ASI, and 3ABN take such stands and begin to deal with blatant, open, and vile sin, true conservatives everywhere will prayerfully hesitate when considering supporting ministries that have decided, by all appearances, to lower the standard into the dust.

True Conservatives

Because when it comes down to it, that's the kind of thing that makes true conservatives tick. They believe the Bible. They believe the Spirit of Prophecy. Though they hopefully bear long with the erring, they love the principles, commandments, and standards the Lord Jesus has so graciously given to his people. They take seriously the following from the pen of Ellen White:

"Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of Himself in His church. When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in His people, then He will come to claim them as His own."

(Christ's Object Lessons, p. 69)

True conservatives not only talk about the soon return of Christ, but they also are seeking to prepare for His coming by allowing the Holy Spirit to transform them into the men and women He wants them to be. True conservatives believe we are saved by grace through faith, not by works, not by the numbers of sermons we've preached, not by the amount of money we've donated to the cause. They aren't afraid to repent of and confess sin, for their Master gave His all and spilled His blood for them.

Come, Lord Jesus.

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