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Danny Indicates,

"Linda Was Pure Through April 15!"

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April 6, 2004: "You Need Marriage Counseling"

Before we look at Danny Shelton's email of September 8, 2004, we're going to backtrack just a little to April 6, 2004. It was on that date that Linda's brother-in-law wrote Danny and recommended the counseling services of Larry Ryan. Notice that Larry Ryan was from an area code that corresponds to the Wichita, Kansas, area. He also served at some point as a pastor of West Valley Church of the Nazarene in Yakima, Washington.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  ****** ******
To:  Danny Shelton
Sent:  Tuesday, April 06, 2004 10:14 PM

Your ministry and marriage are in trouble at this time. ****** and I have a strong desire for you to call Larry Ryan at (home 316-***-****) (cell 316-***-****). He is more qualified than anyone to help the two of you work through this. Your marriage and the ministry is worth saving. I will check back with you to ensure you and Linda have followed through. Be vulnerable and open your heart and listen to the "still small voice" which is our Lord Jesus Christ. To do this you MUST BE QUIET.

April 15, 2004: Trip to the Marriage Counselors

When did Danny and Linda go to see the Ryans? The following email tells us that it was on April 15.

Bear in mind that Danny and Linda differ in their accounts of what exactly the Ryans said.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Tuesday, August 24, 2004 8:19 AM

Linda Sue,


Remember, the Nazarene counselors to you that you have no right to tell this man bad things about me and our marriage because this was spiritual adultery. You agreed and said you could see that this was wrong.

On the flight home April 15, you promised not to talk to him again for two weeks, all the while planning on calling him the next day to tell him everything that went on. I have the phone records to prove it.


Love is forever!


Danny Shelton's Email of September 8, 2004

Okay, now we are ready for Danny's email of September 8, 2004. In that email he appears to acknowledge that Linda was "innocent" up to at least the time that she spoke with Larry Ryan and his wife Gayla on April 15. Thus we have Danny on record as saying that Linda was "sure" that her "intentions were pure" up through at least that date. His gripe is not that Linda was immoral prior to April 15, but that Dr. Abrahamsen's "intentions for you were selfish."

Also in this email:

  • Danny offers to resign "in a minute" from 3ABN if it would prove to Linda that he didn't "get rid of" her "for personal reasons."
  • Danny states his conviction that God wanted them to reconcile rather than marry someone else.
  • He again speaks of Linda's traveling to Europe after the divorce without mentioning:
    • Her medical reasons for doing so.
    • Her going to see Elder Johann and Irmgard Thorvaldsson.
    • Nathan's intention of accompanying her on one of those trips.
  • Danny admits that he may have been talking and acting inappropriately prior to April 15, which is one of the reasons Linda claimed that she needed to make the phone calls.

As far as his claims of wanting "nothing to do with anyone else at this point in my life," that apparent resolution was short-lived, as we shall see later.

Again we want to say that we believe that Danny's likening Dr. Arild Abrahamsen to chocolate-coated horse dung is totally inappropriate.

None of the emails on this page were provided to us by Linda Shelton.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Wednesday, September 08, 2004 12:11 PM

The Lord impressed me to write you this early this morning.

"The deception is in your perception!"

Think about it. Just because you perceived this relationship with this man to be innocent in the beginning, doesn't make it so.

While others, wise in years, and spiritual discernment, could see this man's intentions for you were selfish, you could not.

That's where you should have listened to the multitude of counselors, that the bible talks about.

You were so sure that your intentions were pure, that you ignored unbiased counsel like that from Larry and Gaila Ryan, who told you this relationship had to stop. The bible says the "HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS". Linda, your heart deceived you. It still is. You have to know in your heart that even though we are divorced by man, that God would not have you in a relationship with another man that you are so close to that you would never look back at reconciliation. Without this man in your life, it is still possible that it would happen.

After the last two trips to Norway with him traveling all over Europe together, even your most ardent supporters now believe this has turned into a boyfriend girlfriend sexual relationship between you two. Why would anyone ever be able to feel differently.

Linda, if you had really planned on being in ministry you should have taken the higher road as your song says. You should be above reproach.

"The deception is in your perception"!

Please don't burn all your bridges back home, I believe that you are going to need them later, when the deception is broken.

I love you with all my heart. There is just nothing I can do for you right now to prove it. I cannot compromise 3ABN. It's bigger than us. If resigning would prove to you that this was not just a move to get rid of you for personal reasons, I would do it in a minute. But at this point I don't think that would help either.

When your perception of the deception is broken by God, you will see this relationship that you have bit into as a pile of horse dung that had chocolate coating. He was never a piece of chocolate cake for your life. He deceived you with words just like Satan did Eve in the garden of Eden.

Love is Forever!


ps. Linda, I've said all along that you would eventually have a physical relationship with this man. The Wichita counselors told you that too. You know the truth. You will deny it to man, but you cannot to God. Even if I had failed you, you should have gotten out of this relationship and tried to put ours back together. Instead, by early May, I heard you and he on the phone planning your vacations together to Scandinavia, and Las Vegas, and New York. I also heard you ask him to come across the ocean and rescue you from me. I also heard you tell him that you completely trusted him and I also heard you tell him that you were glad that he didn't dump you when you sent him an email telling him that you were breaking off your relationship with him. Linda, all of that was sin. Even if you thought I was wrong in how I was treating you, you had no business in keeping that relationship alive. By all rights, you should have broken off that relationship to take the higher road regardless of what I was saying and how I am acted.

I am doing that now. There are already a number of women who have heard that we are divorce and want to get in the picture. But even though I believe with all of my heart you are in the wrong. I want nothing to do with anyone else at this point in my life. I have to give God time to work a miracle! Can't you see that. You should not be traveling around the world with this man. Rumor has it that he is planning on being back in the US and traveling with you in Oct. Anyway you and me should be spending time alone like your web page says that you've been doing the last several months.

I may have wasted my time, but I felt the Lord impressed me to write this. If there is truth in what I have written I'm asking God to prick your heart when you read this and help you to be miserable your last week in Norway with this man! Yes, you can swallow these feelings in you chose, but I believe that God will prick your heart!

Between April 15 and April 27: Biblical Grounds for Divorce?

Just 12 days after the counseling session of April 15, Danny declared that Linda "no longer has a chance ... to ... save her marriage" since she had hidden his gun. What sort of chance is there that Linda committed fornication between April 15 and April 27, and thus gave Danny biblical grounds for divorce?

If Danny was willing to resign "in a minute" from 3ABN to prove to Linda that he didn't dump her "for personal reasons," is he willing to resign for the much graver allegation that he dumped her without having biblical grounds for doing so, and lied about it all?

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