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"I Shared Your Website with Many Members of Our Church"

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-------- Original Message --------
From:  Lisa Mwesigwa
To:  WebMaster
Date:  Fri, 13 Apr 2007 12:50:25 -0400

Dear Webmaster,

Thank you for all your great work here. ... I will share with you that I shared your website with many members of our church across the globe .... We fought to have 3ABN as a part of the local cable channel and feel unless we see more accountability on the part of current 3ABN administrators we need to fight to promote another option. Linda Sheldon on her website encourages all to continue to support 3ABN but I feel we need to demand accountability in the place it matters most to those lost in their own strength, and power, the finances. Sad to say closing the financial doors may bring some much needed resolve and attention to this issue.

Additionally I feel that unless we the contributors and subscribers to 3ABN take a firm stand, 3ABN will lose its credibility and become a mockery to what we as core Advent believers and Christian believers hold to as the testimony of our faith. When blatant unchristian acts become public we must address them and not sweep it under the rug. 3ABN and all its administrators are accountable to all its supporters to act in the most credible, democratic, fair, christian way in all their dealings and if they refuse to do so fair, just, and reasonable consequences should be administered.

May God give us the love and wisdom to guide us through this process.

Yours in Christ,


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