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-------- Original Message --------
From:  Lisa Mwesigwa
To:  WebMaster
Date:  Mon, 7 May 2007 14:57:22 -0400

Dear Webmaster,

I don't know if Mr. Smith's letter is a joke or for real but in any event I felt the need to respond with my opinion on the matter. I thank Mr. Smith for his candor and openness in expressing his opinion. You may post my response if you so desire.

In recent events on 3ABN I have seen an attempt to negate and nullify the so-called "rumors on the Internet." Right or wrong, the rumor mill on the Internet and otherwise is a buzz anyway. Linda was "ex-communicated" and fired from 3ABN on rumors of a physical and/or emotional affair she had with a doctor, rumored to have been hired to treat her son. Was she right or wrong, did she have an affair or not, the rumor mill is still out on that one. Later even more "scathing" rumors about Danny, his brother and others at 3ABN have surfaced. The rumors aren't waning but the credibility of 3ABN seems to be.

Who shall we blame for the rumors that are surfacing? Should we blame the authors of the website, who seem to want to shed light on the rumors in their own way? Should we blame the administrators at 3ABN who fired Linda unceremoniously and with all seemingly good intents and purposes, started the initial buzz of rumors and allegations? Shall we blame each other, those of us who keep silent and ignore it all (if we ignore a boil it may become bigger) or those who still want to get to the bottom of the truth of it all (if we puncture the boil, we risk leaving a black mark)? Then my final question, what would Jesus do?

I truly don't know of a pleasant or "right" way for 3ABN to address these issues. I will be the first one to admit there are no easy answers right now.

I recall David, a great leader in Israel, a man after God's own heart, no doubt, who took a another man's wife and then killed him in the cover up. David seemed to convince himself that he was innocent of any sin in these evil acts. Sin can certainly work a number on us. And if I were a faithful David fan back in those days, I would not believe the rumor mill either, especially without definite proof. We always seem to want to sanctify our church leaders, especially when they have great track records in church ministry and administration. But sadly, "the arm of flesh will fail you, you dare not trust your own."

Thankfully, the prophet Nathan was up for the challenge and in his divine wisdom he realized he could not face this issue with David head on or with the "reality of the situation", David was in toooooooo much denial. He had to appeal to David's ego and sense of justice in the form of a story, a story where David's innate sense of fairness and justice would lead him to make the right decision. Then at the end, he revealed the real perpetrator; it was David, himself. David then was able to see his sin and he repented, yet sadly, he had to realize the consequence of his sin.

The Bible tells us that "by their fruits, ye shall know them." I am only called to be a fruit inspector. I call look at a person's actions and determine many things about them, but I can gravely err in this process because I can only see actions, not motives. If we all have assessed this situation unfairly or improperly, may we all repent and be corrected in our error. If we on the other hand have assessed this situation correctly, may we be loving, wise and careful in our response, for but for grace, "there go I."

I know that my determination is not to vilify or sanctify Danny, Linda or any past or present personnel at 3ABN. It would just be nice to see the truth of it all revealed and to see that all concerned are truly able to bring much needed closure to these issues for righteousness sake.

God is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle. The blood of Jesus can wash all our sins as white as snow, but it takes the refining process of tests, trials, and tribulations to iron out the wrinkles. My prayer is that Danny, Tommy, Linda, Linda's son and all of us will be able to stand in that great day and enter into the kingdom God is preparing for all his children.

May God continue to direct and guide us all,


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