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The following opinions reflect those of the writers, and do not necessarily represent the views of But then again, some of the following opinions just might.

"We Will Be Watching ... with Interest"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  D
To:  AUReporter
Subject:  Concern!
Date:  Fri, 20 Apr 2007 22:39:20 -0400

You may publish my letter of support for your efforts in attempting to get to the truth regarding this terrible mess at 3ABN. You have been doing a commendable job and it reminds me of the precious words that "your sin will find you out." I have been quiet until now but I have been supporting you all in prayer. Now I must speak and state that I am shocked at the idea of a merger with AF in light of all these questions that remain unanswered about 3ABN and Danny Shelton's cover up and lie upon lie upon lie. This looks like a disaster for AF at this time. When will the men who can stop this madness stand up and speak out?

All of this has caused many in my little circle to decide that we must be more responsible with our God given funds. Although we hold no mighty position and few of us have ever preached a sermon, we are the silent ones you will have seen sitting in the pews every week, supporting financially the church, SDA programming, AF and different ministries. We have believed in sacrifice to further the work and we have in blind faith sent dollars trusting that the "people in charge" were using that money responsibly. We now see this as a wake up call for us - the silent ones. I say with my little circle of friends loud and clear, "Do not blindly give to anyone until you check out their use of the Lord's funds. Corruption has no part in the Lord's work. We cannot overlook even a little bit of sin in the camp!"

We will be watching AF and this merger with interest, and if Danny is in the middle or any part of it, our funds will no longer be available for AF. We will not be viewing any AF programming either.


You have made some interesting points.

We trust that Elder Batchelor will soon commit himself to making or overseeing a full, impartial, and open investigation into the various allegations so that a true resolution may be achieved, and that the Lord's work and the work of 3ABN may go on in greater strength and power.

In the spirit of Joe Crews, founder of Amazing Facts, may Elder Batchelor rise to the occasion and call sin by its right name.

"I Don't Want Danny's Name Splashed Across ... Magazine Covers [Like] Jimmy Swigart, or James Bakker"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  LJ
To:  AUReporter
Subject:  what if?
Date:  Sat, 21 Apr 2007 17:12:26 -0400

This thought just came to mind: What if Danny just goes "out of sight, out of mind" for a while, then steps back up to the platform in a year or two? It may seem I have a vendetta against Danny, but that is not the case. I have been full of righteous indignation ever since he divorced Linda and remarried so quickly. He is a public figure so this gives ALL OF US the right to be a "fruit inspector." I let Danny know just how I felt. I wrote him a letter and told him that whenever he would appear on 3ABN with his new wife, that I would turn off the TV.

Danny can keep his new wife, keep his toys, keep his bank accounts, but I don't think he should keep 3ABN under his control, EVER AGAIN. If Doug Batchelor is just helping Danny to quietly keep control of 3ABN, then I will be very disappointed in Doug. We ALL need to let our voice be heard. 3ABN is an important evangelization tool, and the Lord can use it even more than ever. I look forward to watching some of their programs once again. Let's all let Batchelor know how we feel! Email Amazing Facts and let your voice be heard. For each email or letter they receive, they know that there are thousands more that don't write, but who have the same opinion, so each letter is important. Apathy is a terrible condition.

Someone suggested this afternoon, that the reason it was handled, like it was on Thursday night, is so that it does not bring public disgrace to our church. If that is true, I am all for it. I don't want Danny's name splashed across People magazine covers as another Jimmy Swigart, or James Bakker.


Let's give Elder Batchelor the benefit of the doubt wherever we can, but your suggestion is a good one. We are unaware that Danny has given the slightest hint of admission of wrong doing or repentance, but has instead indicated that he intends to continue holding the reins of power. Until there is some indication to the contrary, letters, emails, and phone calls would definitely be in order. Here's the contact info given at the bottom of Amazing Facts' media release:

For more information, contact:
Amazing Facts
Office: 916.434.3880, ext. 3009

"Perhaps Totally Unfair"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  PM
To:  AUReporter
Subject:  regarding Doug Batchelor
Date:  Sat, 21 Apr 2007 23:29:50 +0000

Is it not possible that Pastor Doug is trying to clean up 3 ABN? Those who have stated that he is part of the cover up need to give proof. That is a serious charge and perhaps totally unfair.

We agree!

What makes it difficult is that Danny's apologists are claiming that Pastor Doug doesn't think there are any problems that need cleaning up. What would therefore settle the matter in people's minds is to hear Pastor Doug say that these apologists are incorrect, that he recognizes there are problems that need looking into and cleaning up, and that he intends to do that very thing.

Yet the real challenge for Pastor Doug may still be how to pull it all off. If the 3ABN board continues to support Danny regardless of any and all considerations, there is nothing anyone but God and the courts can do to remove Danny from power. If Danny doesn't like the terms of the merger, his board won't approve them and the merger won't take place. If it does take place and Danny ends up controlling enough members of the new board of the merged entity, nothing will change.

Perhaps what we really need is an acquisition by Amazing Facts of 3ABN, not a merger. Then Pastor Doug and his board can call all the shots and not worry about politics and power struggles.

Or perhaps what we need are solid and sure legal proceedings in the courts that call Danny to a justice he has long avoided. And maybe in the light of eternity, it wouldn't be such a bad thing if Danny received a few consequences for his actions. Kids that grow up without consequences end up thinking there aren't any. They end up prepared for hell, not heaven. Consequences may just result in the saving of Danny's soul.

"I Am Gravely Concerned"

-------- Original Message --------
From:  FM
To:  [G. Arthur Joy]
Subject:  Merger
Date:  Sun, 22 Apr 2007 03:36:23 -0700 (PDT)

My comments about 3ABN.

Last week I had no problem with Doug Batchelor except the fact he basically has been in bed with Danny Shelton as a friend. I figured he just needed his programming to continue. I felt if we can broadcast on TBN, we can broadcast on 3ABN air waves.

However, I am very uncomfortable with this so called "merger," maybe I should have said instead, "the appearance of a merger."

I sent an email to Amazing Facts making my intentions known. I do not want one penny of my Amazing Facts donations to be used for 3ABN. I am also stopping any further donations to Amazing Facts. Since the last actions of ASI, I have very little faith in them, but we hear that there will be NEW board positions that includes ASI.

The trip to Colorado with Doug, Danny and McNeilus says it all. It is clear who is in control; this is the most disappointing fact.

I am gravely concerned for Doug Batchelor's credibility and Amazing Facts as an entity. I see this turning in financial disaster for Amazing Facts. May God protect the innocent. In the meantime, they don't get my money anymore.


May we suggest two things:

  • Read Joshua 22:10-34. Praise the Lord that before the Israelites went to war against their brethren for making an altar, they first asked them why they had built it. Let's ask a few questions first before we make our decisions.
  • Let's be careful about coming to conclusions based solely on Danny's word. Just because Danny says Garwin McNeilus feels a certain way, how do we know that's true? Perhaps we need to hear directly from Garwin about it before concluding that that is the way it is.

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