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"You Were Innocent, the Doctor Wasn't"

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Linda Innocent?

Very intriguing in the email below is Danny Shelton's condemnation of Dr. Abrahamsen, not Linda, for what was going on in February and March. This suggests that he acknowledges that Linda herself was innocent, something he alludes to in his email of September 8, 2004, as well.

Danny also indicates that he is going to fight to remarry her, since "the battle for you for marriage and ministry and your soul is not over." We wonder once again why he divorced her so quickly if he is so soon after his divorce talking about remarriage.

Choice of Wording

One book that Seventh-day Adventists really appreciate is Desire of Ages, a book on the life of Christ. Here is a quote from it that seems pertinent when considering certain language used in this series of emails.

"The disciples of Jesus were noted for the purity of their language ...."

(Desire of Ages p. 712)


In the email below Danny refers to Dr. Abrahamsen's offer to Brenda Walsh and Linda Shelton to stay at his condominium in Florida. For some odd reason, Danny refers to the incident as if Linda was the only one who was going to go.

Danny also refers to Linda's travels to Norway after their divorce without mentioning that:

  • She was going for medical treatment.
  • She was going to visit Irmgard Thorvaldsson who was struggling with cancer. (How long would Irmgard still be living?)
  • On one of those two trips she was to be accompanied by her son, Nathan.

Danny's Email of September 1, 2004

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Wednesday, September 01, 2004 12:40 AM

Linda Doll;

You made a statement late this evening that during Feb. and March you were innocent of being too invovled with the Dr. Linda the problem was everyone involved knew the Dr. was not innocent. He knew exactly where he was going with this relationship and was able to successfully mold you the way he wanted. Even to the point of him convincing you that it was ok for you to go on a vacation without your husband to his condo.

All pastors and counselors to this day will tell you that he was a snake in the grass all along. We could see it but you couldn't. That's why I fought so hard for you. The snake won round one. But the battle for you for marriage and ministry and your soul is not over. I believe the Lord will ultimately win out.

Your continued relationship with this man is living proof that his plan for you succeeded. These trips to Norway and his to the states so you guys can be together is not sanctioned by God and will be the death of your new ministry.

He's not and never has been a piece of chocolate cake to you. He's been a pile of poop that you ate because it had chocolate covering. But the chocolate coating is about to fall off. Too many people are praying for you to see the truth.

Love is Forever!

Bro. Dan

Make plans for January!

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