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"None of Your Business If I Have
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February 8, 2005: First Email About Brandy

The following email by 3ABN president Danny Shelton is the earliest documentation we currently have of Danny having a new girlfriend named Brandy, the young lady he eventually married. There are reports that their relationship may have become noticeable at 3ABN around October 2004. Additionally, Danny himself informed a pastor at the ASI Convention in Grapevine, Texas, at lunch on Sabbath, August 5, 2006, that Brandy had been chasing him for 17 years, and that he finally gave in by marrying her.

9 Hours 4 Minutes Before the Carrot

The significance of the following email is that it was written just 9 hours and 4 minutes prior to Danny's email that held out a carrot to Linda of remarrying him and coming back to 3ABN.

At 1:20 AM: "... if I wanted to have a girlfriend now whether it would be a Brandy or a Jane Doe, it would be none of your business ...." At 10:24 AM: "I'm willing to talk to you about reconciliation of marriage and ministry." Now if you were in Linda's shoes, is it at all possible that your brain might become mush? And what if this kind of thing went on for 20 years?

We admit, some of Danny's accusations, allegations, and trashing leave unanswered questions, and some may wonder why Linda apparently hasn't had the sense to address some of these concerns in a forceful, direct, determined, concise, well-articulated, and convincing way. But then again, there are likely those who have been in similar situations that can guess why she hasn't done much of that at all.

Other Points of Interest

We can add a few comments about the accusations below:

  • Linda has had concerns about her future financial security, compounded by fears that she may have trouble being employed in a ministry due to being branded as an adulteress. If Danny's accusations about her wanting more money from 3ABN are true, this might be the reason for her enquiry about getting a larger settlement.
  • Danny admits that there are others than Linda who have felt wronged by him over the years. He mentions a gentleman named Steve in particular.
  • Sometimes people assert that Danny doesn't run 3ABN, that the board does. In this email Danny thrice states that the board will not approve something unless he agrees to it.
  • Danny asserts that he is ready to make public all his evidence against Linda. Yet even though it's been 5888 days since Linda asked on February 15, 2007, that he do that very thing, he still hasn't done so.

And perhaps that last point is one of the best ways to look at Danny's oft repeated allegations of vacations for now. If he really has so much proof and evidence of such things, and of Linda giving him biblical grounds for remarriage, even though he admits that he had no such grounds for divorce, why is he so hesitant to release that evidence, especially when Linda has requested that he do so?

Now if he finally delivers on what he so often claims that he has, then maybe we can take a different position.

Danny's Email

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Tuesday, February 08, 2005 1:20 AM

Linda, if you have something in mind you should let me know. If you want more money, you need to give me a reason why. If 3ABN gives you more money and you promise not to sue again, what's to make us think you won't turn around and sue after you spend that money also.

You should know that I don't think that this board is going to give you any kind of second settlement unless I agree to it. I know you would like to work around me, but my educated guess is, that it's not going to happen without me in the loop, and rightfully so. I am still President and CEO.

My board members tell me you are spreading pure smut about me and telling them that I have been a con all along. You have the same problem as Steve. That same demon has jumped on you too. If I've been a con all along, then why did you go along with it? You tell people the FBI and whomever is investigating me and you don't want me to go to jail, ect, ect. But the truth is, first of all, my accountants will confirm I've done nothing wrong, and secondly if there had been mismanagement going on, you also would have to answer as you were the Vice President all along.

You surely can see the similarities between you and Steve now! You have become a garbage collector just like him. And you know what? My board members aren't buying any of your garbage! They can see that you are only out to try to destroy me and this ministry.

The only chance of you ever getting back in this ministry is when you realize that this man has been a pile of poop in your life and not a piece of chocolate cake. I told you that from the beginning. You didn't listen then and you are still not listening. Please quit doing what you have seen so many others before you do, and that is trying to fight God's channel of blessing, 3ABN, and thinking that you are really fighting me.

If you want to talk to Nick along with your lawyer that's OK., I've encouraged him to talk to you both. At this point I am ready for you to break your word and contract and sue, so that I can make all info public as you will have forced my hand by taking me to court. I've talked to several people who have talked to you and thought that you got a raw deal. After I spend 15 to 20 minutes telling them the real truth, they virtually all apologize to me. I'm not scared to take everything to court. You will not get your job back or win a settlement because you were let go from 3ABN. I have many witnesses as to your "bad" management practices. Some have even told me that you made them lie for you from time to time.

Again, I also don't believe that by going to Larry W. that the board will somehow decide to give you another settlement, unless I agree to it.

If you think you should have more money coming I would suggest that you put it in writing and tell us why that it's ok to break your other contract and ask for more.

May says you are telling her things about me and Brandy. First of all you don't know, anything about what me and Brandy are or are not doing. And secondly, if I wanted to have a girlfriend now whether it would be a Brandy or a Jane Doe, it would be none of your business as you have now refused for over a year to let this Norwegian man go. You have refused all counsel that told you he must go, yet you and he still travel together and stay in each other's homes for up to two weeks at a time. I told you a long time ago that I can document all your travel schedule and I have. May says you told her that you have only been to Norway once and that was a year ago January. I told her that if she wasn't mistaken then you told her a big lie as I can document all your trips there. Surely she got that part of your conversation mixed up. I don't think you would think everyone is such simpleton's that we don't know the truth about your solo trips to Europe.

Anyway, we've been. divorced for nearly eight months and we all know that I have biblical grounds. If I want to date someone else I am free to do it. You dated this man for months while we were married. That is called sin, anyway you want to cut it.

You shouldn't worry anyway. Remember, you told me that the only thing I would ever get compared to you was "An old used dirty dish rag".

Danny Shelton

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