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February 8, 2005: Linda's Story As Told by Danny

Due to Linda's one-way "gag order," documents illustrating her position in those early days are few. The following email of February 8, 2005, from 3ABN president Danny Shelton gives a glimmer on what might have been her position at that time, assuming that Danny is accurately stating what she, Larry, and May were saying.

It is really odd that Danny, who has allowed people to call him the "Lord's anointed," would accuse Linda with these words: "Let alone travel to meet them and go on dates to restaurants and visit in their hotel room late at night like you and this man did while we were married." This is an obvious reference to Elder Thorvaldsson and Dr. Abrahamsen's visit the end of May 2004 to tell the board their side of the story. Reading Danny's words, you would think Elder Thorvaldsson was nowhere around.

Other items of interest include:

  • Danny's placing Linda's February 2004 trip to Norway in January instead.
  • Linda's claims of abuse by Danny.
  • Dr. Abrahamsen's conclusion that Danny has a mental problem.
  • Danny's professed willingness to remarry Linda and have her back at 3ABN.

We think Danny's repeated likening of Dr. Abrahamsen to excrement to be entirely out of line.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Tuesday, February 08, 2005 10:24 AM

Linda, I just spoke with Larry W. He like the rest of us feel badly that you have been deceived by the Dr. He told me what you are saying. He says that you told him that May Chung basically called you a Hussie and hung up on you. I talked to May and she didn't say anything to that effect.

He did say that you are running down Melody and me. He also said you tried to get him to believe that I have abused you. He told me that he had been around us for 20 years and knows better. He said you wanted him to believe that there were two Dan's. The public one and the home one. He doesn't believe that either and you know what, down deep you don't either. He did tell me that he wouldn't have put up with you and this Dr. as long as I did, if it had of been him. He said that if his Linda had a relationship like you and the Dr. had while we were married, you would have been out the door very quickly.

Linda, people are going to listen to you, but that does not mean they agree with you. When it comes right down to it, no married person would endure the kind of relationship that you had with this Dr. while being married. Linda you wouldn't have allowed me to have a girl friend that I talked to on the phone every day for two hours at a time against your will. Let alone travel to meet them and go on dates to restaurants and visit in their hotel room late at night like you and this man did while we were married.

Your heart left me and never came back to me after your Norway trip in Jan. of 2004.

No one would put up with another man trying to convince his wife that he was crazy. He and Johann have gone too far. The trouble is, you are the one paying the piper. He has been a pile of poop in your life.

Was your life better before you met this man or worse. If you say worse, then you should be happy right where you are. If you say your life was better before you met him, then you surely see he is a pile of poop for you, not a piece of chocolate cake.

If you wake up, it may not be too late. I'm willing to talk to you about reconciliation of marriage and ministry. Linda, no one else can help you achieve that. I am the only one who can help bring you back to marriage and 3ABN, but I have to know that you see the Dr. as a pile of poop in your life. If I see a change in you, I can go to bat for you, but not until then. I haven't changed over the past year. I am still saying the same thing. Of course if I'm psychotic and such an abuser, then you wouldn't want to get back with me. But after all, it was the Lord who impressed you that your relationship with this man was wrong and that you should be with me and not him. I would have thought that you would have listened to God, but according to your own testimony you have written Him off too. That's a shame!

Danny Shelton

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