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Linda Says, "You Admit to No Wrong"

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September 24, 2004: "Happy Sabbath!"

This series of communications begins with the following short email from 3ABN president Danny Shelton, "the love of [Linda's] life." He writes to his ex-wife of three months, and his ex-vice president and ex-co-founder of perhaps not quite four months.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Sent:  Friday, September 24, 2004 8:37 PM

Happy Sabbath!

from: the love of your life!

September 24, 2004: "Therapeutic for Me to Vent"

Three months after the divorce, Linda tells "the love of her life" her perspective. She feels Danny overreacted, and she remembers his many tears, but she claims that he admits to no mistakes.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Linda Shelton
To:  Danny Shelton
Subject:  Re:
Sent:  Friday, September 24, 2004 10:29 PM

I know this has never sunk in when you've heard it before. I know you're more concerned about how you feel as opposed to how I feel. But I guess it's therapeutic for me to vent and let you hear it one more time. But you not only destroyed me, you killed me. You used me to try to cover your mistakes. You over-reacted, you had a pity party with too many people which inevitably destroyed my character in this church. Bad news travels fast. I think it shocked you that it happened so fact, in about 3 weeks I was done. I remember your tears. Many tears...but it was too late. And now you continue to use me as the scapegoat. You know, I know and God knows that you can never, ever backtrack from what you've done or what you've said. The damage is repairable, but only at your expense...and you're not willing to put your neck on the line, even if it means making things right. You know Dan, like I said recently, I admit and have publically admitted that I could have exercised better wisdom during the time of crisis. But you admit to no wrong. I think if I were you I'd be concerned about this. Although you see things your way...maybe, just maybe you're wrong. Maybe you did over-react and stick your foot in your mouth. Maybe you did act in anger not knowing what the results would be. Maybe there is a bit of blood on your hands. As sinners born with carnal natures, we can never be too sure. Can we??

No, I probably will never get over this. It's been worse than a nightmare, because it goes beyond what a human mind can imagine. But I'll always know the truth. No matter how you try to sugar-coat it, I know the truth. I guess I am an extremist when it comes to positive thinking because somehow I think you can't really be that bad. You can't really have done what you did. You can't really continue to do what you do. And really someday you will make things right. But I suppose I'm delusional. My mistakes were mistakes but your mistakes were vicious attacks. May God have mercy on you. Many really miss my ministry that God gave me to do. Can man mess up God's plans at times?? Ask John the Baptist. Ask Peter. Ask the martyrs. Does God have plan B?? Sure He does and I'm asking Him to put me there. Dan, it's a crying shame!!

Have a nice life.

September 24, 2004: "You Have to Acknowledge All of the Above and More Was Wrong"

Linda very clearly in the above email accused Danny of not admitting to any mistakes even though she had. Below is his reply in which he has an excellent opportunity to prove her wrong.

As mentioned previously, we do not condone Danny's choice of language in the first paragraph.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Danny Shelton
To:  Linda Shelton
Subject:  Re: Re:
Sent:  Friday, September 24, 2004 11:33 PM

Linda Sue, You sound so much like Kenny when you say you made some mistakes. I've yet to hear you say that this Dr. situation has been a pile of poop in our life. Not a piece of chocolate cake that you desire but can't have. Let me hear you say specifically what you have done. What mistakes do you admit to? Let me tell you a few important ones, as I see them.

[80 words about phone calls and Linda's February 7th broadcast.]

3. Buying tickets behind my back and planning on going on vacation to Florida with him behind my back. It doesn't make any difference whether Brenda was going with you or not, it was still wrong. ...

[339 words regarding allegedly planned trips, phone calls, phone cards, and a cell phone, bringing the mistakes Linda has to admit to up to 7.]

Linda, I could go on and on but I've said enough for you to get the point that at some time in your life you will have to confess these sins to the Lord if you want his blessings on your new ministry. And at some point if you want to come back and start over with me, you have to at least acknowledge all of the above and more was wrong. You gave your heart to that man a long time ago.

Linda, your sins are destroying your ministry that God called you to do. Not mine or anyone else's but yours. You need to understand that.

I did not over react. I did the only thing that I knew how to do to keep you from going into the arms of another man and destroying our 20 yr marriage and ministry together. Had I slapped you around it would have been wrong. Had I done nothing but watch it all, I would have been wrong. I tried to intervene by getting spiritual counselors that I thought you would listen to. You did not and still don't.

Mark Finley told you the FIRST thing you had to do to start restoration was to drop the Dr. and you have refused. I will not be in a relationship with you as long as you think that this man is your friend and you want to run to him everytime something doesn't go your way.

Before I will let that happen, I am willing to stay away from the woman I love more than anything in the world, for the rest of my life. I could not live under those terms.

I have to see some actions on your part about dropping this Dr. first. Otherwise don't call and ask me questions about how it's going to be if you come back to 3ABN. I will NEVER take you back as long as you're so deceived that you think this man is your friend. He, not me, will ultimately be your destruction here and possibly in the eternity.

Please quit pointing your finger to me and ask God to show you the truth about what you have done. This man is not going to marry you. If he did, he will not treat you like a queen, making over your beauty and giving you back rubs and foot rubs, and allowing you to run freely with his money. He wants a Suzy homemaker. This relationship will end one way or the other. It will not last as it was spond by the devil. He knew your price, to get you to give your heart to another man.

It may have started innocent enough on your part, but it has become a far cry from innocent many months ago. As a Professional, he knew he was destroying your relationship with me all along. He coveted you and has now deceived you.

I've thought about this too Linda. I'm not willing to go back to that misery of always knowing you were driving around talking to him for hours at a time planning ways to be together all behind my back. I can never take anything like that again. It nearly tore my heart out. I truly hope it never happens to you!

I'll always love you. You are the love of my life. If we get together again, there will never be room for the Dr. or any other man in our life, the rest of our lives. The marriage counselors told me privately that 10 men can't fill the emotional needs that you have now. They said this Dr. will never satisfy you when it's just you and him. You will never satisfy each other. You two would never trust each other either because down deep, you both know what you have done, and you know it is wrong and sin.

Love is forever!

from the love of your life
to the love of my life.

ps. I miss the old Linda terribly. Please do the right thing.

If it doesn't work for us, please let's don't be enemies. God could not bless either of us if we hate each other. We have to forgive. Linda I have already forgiven you. That's why I'm able to help you for the last several months. I just want to love you.

My oh my! Just imagine what his emails would be like if he had not forgiven her!

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